Classroom: Heavy-Bag Studio
Class size: 26

One of our inspirational coaches will guide you through a fierce 50 minute workout that promises to challenge. Elements included in this class are high intensity interval shadowboxing, plyometric movements, heavy bag drills, and core exercises.


Classroom: Heavy-Bag Studio
Class size: 26

This class was designed around developing technique for newcomers to the sport, though all experience levels would benefit from the form-oriented coaching. HIT-FIT Fundamentals aids in establishing a concrete boxing foundation, which will allow you to progress further in your future workouts. Be prepared to unleash your inner boxer and sweat throughout this 50 minute session.


Classroom: Heavy-Bag Studio / Ringside
Class size: 20

This class is 48 minutes in duration. Throughout this time you will be working through 12 rounds of exercise, with each one lasting for 3 minutes. Between each set you will receive 1 minute of rest.

6 of these rounds consist of strength and conditioning drills that are unique to boxing. They involve a multitude of powerful plyometric activities including throwing, jumping, slamming, pushing, and pulling.

The other 6 rounds are more technical heavy-bag drills oriented towards developing speed, strength, and coordination.

Please Note: You must attend a minimum of one HIT-FIT or HIT-FIT Fundamentals class prior to enrolling in a HIT-FIT 12 Rounds session.


Classroom: Ringside

Class size: 6

Be prepared to improve your boxing skills, burn fat, and build endurance during this 50 minute session.  T.B.T. develops conditioning through a combination of heavy-bag and footwork drills, skipping, and plyometric movements.


Classroom: Ringside
Class size: 1

1 on 1 training with the coach of your choice. These sessions run between 45 and 60 minutes and will take you through a combination of high intensity drills, pad’s, heavy bag work, core exercises and plyometric movements. Theses training sessions are designed on the same template used to train elite boxers. They focus on improving your cardiovascular system while burning fat and building muscle.


Classroom: Ringside
Class size: 2

Get ready to box it out with a friend, literally. These sessions run from 45 minutes to an hour with the coach of your choosing. You will be guided through a combination of high intensity drills, pads, heavy-bag work, plyometric movements, and core exercises. Train like a professional boxer as you and a partner challenge and push one another. The focus is geared towards improving your cardiovascular endurance, burning fat, and building muscle.