"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."

     - Mahatma Ghandi

Mike got into the fight game late in life.  While working as a Counselor with at-risk youth, Mike discovered Muay Thai as his physical and spiritual outlet.  During his time as a Counselor, Mike found that doing pad work and martial arts activity was often as effective as sitting in an office taking thing through issues in terms of achieving emotional catharsis and building of confidence in his clients.  There is a something unique about a boxing class or training session.  How many times in life can you walk into a building, commit to an activity for an hour, and walk out of that building literally a stronger person?  This is an incredible opportunity… Mike has the unique ability to help his clients push past their limits, dig deep and find a way to discover strength they didn’t know they had.  That strength can be applied to any part of life… in the ring, but especially outside of it.  As a kickboxer, Mike travelled to Thailand, where he trained and competed several times in full contact Muay Thai.  After an injury forced him from Muay Thai, Mike immediately fell in love with boxing.  After losing his first professional boxing match, Mike made some drastic lifestyle changes and has knocked out his last three opponents in a row.

When asked about his life philosophy he replied, “Have the courage to do what makes you happy.  Exceed your own expectations, whatever they are.  There are always positives in life no matter how hard things get… embrace the positive and control what you can control.”  Personal health and fitness always falls into the category of what one can control in their own life.  The human spirit is an indomitable and limitless thing.  Mike thinks that if we can tap into this spirit, we can always do more than we thought than we could.