"Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful."

Mia is one of our fitness nuts who dedicates all her time to health and nutrition related pursuits.  A University graduate who is now pursuing her certification in Holistic Nutrition, Mia couldn’t stay away from fitness related pursuits.  As such, she is a fitness and spin instructor in addition to teaching boxing.  As a lifetime athlete, Mia has previously competed in Karate and is a dedicated runner who recently completed a half marathon.  As a boxing instructor, Mia focuses on helping students to break down their barriers of fear and insecurity, and helping them discover their unknown strength.

Mia describes her class: “Once your gloves are on, it is just you and your bag.  You’ll push your limits and build strength and endurance. There is time to rest after class!” Mia’s classes produce racing hearts, dripping sweat, and burning lungs, so bring your best effort and be ready to work!  When not training, running, spinning, or boxing, you can probably find Mia wondering through a farmers market or in the kitchen experimenting to create new healthy superfood dishes!  Come and check out Mia’s high energy classes and feel free ask her about your nutritional expertise to support your own healthy living goals.