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We’ve heard countless stories of women who come into the studio for the first time, feeling equal parts anticipation and fear. And, we get it! Once upon a time, we were all there too. 

But then we took off our shoes and fumbled around putting on our hand wraps while listening to the buzz of people around us. We stepped into the heavy bag studio and let our heart beat as loud as the Drake song playing in the background while a trainer took us through our stance and six punches. 

We didn’t know what we were doing. We honestly had no clue!

We hoped no one was looking, and laughed quietly when we accidentally hit ourselves in the nose or knocked out the wrong combination. But we did it because we heard how amazing boxing is as a holistic workout, and we weren’t about to continue missing out on something with so much potential, even if the concept seemed so different from anything we’d ever done before.

It all made sense the moment our gloves hit that bag. See, the second you hear that snap, you make one of the most important mental connections we believe you need to know: you’re strong. 


We’re the army of strong women at The Sweat Science, and while we’re all on our own fitness journey, we’re committed to attaining goals as an ever-growing girl gang. Whether you’re just about to start your fitness journey or you’re looking to start something new, we wanted to let you know about some of the amazing benefits of boxing. 

Here are a few of the reasons Calgary’s ladies are hooked on boxing at The Sweat Science:

1. We’ve all heard that exercise triggers the release of the feel-good hormone – endorphins – and boxing is certainly not exempt! Whether you start or finish your day with boxing, you can be sure hitting a heavy bag will make you feel good.


2. Boxing classes at TSS are 50-minutes long, with 16 three-minute rounds of the ultimate in high intensity interval training. Obviously, this total body workout has a hugely positive impact on cardiovascular health, including the reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, reduced blood pressure and reduced risk of stroke. Not to mention, you won’t sweat anywhere else as good as this.

3. People will often talk about how boxing is like a dance, and if you’ve been boxing, you know how true this is. This sport is amazing for building hand-eye-foot coordination, and sharpens your mind as much as it chisels your abs. 


As you can see, boxing is holistic. It’s this reason why women are getting hooked on the sport as their fitness outlet, and the camaraderie at TSS makes it so easy to stay. 

So go ahead; walk through the doors of the studio equal parts anticipation and fear. We’ll be there too and can guarantee you’ll leave the studio sweaty, inducted into the ever-growing girl gang, and most importantly, you’ll leave knowing the most important thing we think you need know: girl, you’re so strong.



Boxers are taught when throwing punches to rotate there fists inward just before impact... This is a very important part of proper punching technique, here are few reasons why.

1. Wrist and elbow protection: Turning your fist over places your wrist in a position that is able to endure more force and prevents the hyperextension of your elbow. This will Allow you to hit harder without injuring your elbow or wrist.

2. Increased Reach: Rotating your hand starts a chain reaction that incorporates your shoulder and core into the punch making you more stable allowing you to throw further without falling off balance

3. Punching power:  The rotation of your fists invites your entire upper body into the punch allowing you to land with much more force

4. Defence:  this rotation leads to your shoulder rotating up and towards your chin, keeping it protected from counter punches when exchanging

We would love to have you visit The Sweat Science regardless of your experience or fitness level. BOOK A BAG!



This month at The Sweat Science we are going to be focusing on boxing stance fundamentals.

Here are a couple reasons why it's a good idea to fully develop your boxing stance and some of the benefits you will notice when you do.

A proper boxing stance will......

- Give you power in each hand but still allow you to efficiently defend yourself from counter punches

- Give you good range with both hands while not making you vulnerable by reaching with your punches, forcing you off balance

- Allow you to throw a variety of punches from a balanced position without leaving you exposed

- Give you the ability to switch between offensive and defensive movement at any given time without getting tripped up or falling off balance

We would love to have you visit The Sweat Science regardless of your experience and fitness level. Book a bag with us today!