The Sweat Science stands out to many of its clients because for us, technique is critical. From the moment you first step foot into the studio to the time you leave, you’ll feel like maybe, just maybe, you could actually learn how to box. At some point or another, we’ve all felt this excitement.

But each of us have come to a place in our own journey where we want the next level too. And that’s the second way TSS stands out. Rather than just showing up to a nightclub scene with punching bags, we are determined to see you box with intent. We aren’t here just to see you figure out how to get through a good sweat in a hit-fit class – although that does make us so proud.

Honestly, we’re not going to be fully satisfied until we know we’ve elevated you to the top. The very top.

As coaches, we’ve watched each of you come in totally green to the sport, but slowly start killing it as time went on. It has become more than just fitness to you, and we see that. We take note of the first time you throw a punch and remember to move your head or feet, and we see this insane potential in you.  

When we try something new, we’re fully engaged. The thrill and fear of that learning process is exhilarating. But once something starts to feel comfortable, we need to disrupt that routine by continuing to cycle in new stuff. Thankfully in boxing, there is always something new to learn.  

So, what’s next?

We have a few things here at the studio specifically designed to help you increase your boxing skills and attain those personal fitness goals. Things that our instructors are going to be looking out for and encouraging our TSS troop members with in 2018. Because seriously, boxing is just as much a journey as your fitness goals, requiring you to be on top of your game. That is, unless, you like feeling stagnant? Nah, us either.

Here are a few ways you can up your game here at The Sweat Science:


It’s one thing to show up to a class and do what you’re told, but like we said, we want you to be intentional. Before you show up, decide on one thing you’re going to pay special attention to during your class. Maybe you’ve noticed your uppercuts need some TLC or you could really work on head movement following a killer cross. Promise yourself that you’ll take the time to be intentional with your technique, and don’t be shy to let your class coach know what your goal is for the day.

By getting picky in your classes, you’re already on your way to reaching the next level of boxing. Aside from it being crucial to avoiding injury, having the right technique will challenge your body in a totally different way, resulting in a better workout.


Personal training doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go professional, but it really is the best way to up your game. Obviously one-on-one training allows the TSS coaches to evaluate where you are presently so you can start improving your skill set. The coaches get to be meticulous in their evaluation, which can help to resolve any problem areas you’re experiencing or concerns you might have. It also so happens to be an unbelievable workout.

The best part is that you can choose what will work best for you. Maybe you’ll want to start with a 30-minute pad lesson, and work your way up to a full one-hour session. You can choose if you want to come once a month, or once a week for these private lessons too. This flexibility works well and helps you get to the next level, even during your hit-fit classes.  


More and more, we’re seeing beginner boxers sign up to train for their first ammature fight. This is incredibly rewarding for us to see as a team, and we think this is just the beginning for our troops. It could be intimidating to think about getting in the ring, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from giving it a shot.

Of course this type of training is more intensive, but the results include more confidence, expert level technique and getting even more fit. And, what could be more exhilarating than the thought of a ‘W’ in the ring after such hard work and dedication?  

We can’t believe in just one short year, we’ve seen so much progress with our troops. But it’s time now to step it up. Let’s get busier than ever, proving ourselves just how capable we are by being intentional with our time in the studio. Let’s be proud of where we’ve come from, and a little unsatisfied until we reach the top. The very top.

We want to see some new faces in the studio, and are offering a special intro offer for you! For the month of February you can get one month of unlimited classes. 




We don’t know about you, but the holidays snuck up on us like a monster; making a maniac out of our eating habits and nearly drowning our ability to get into the studio for a HitFit class.

 We get it. The holidays are busy – in fact, they can be downright exhausting. By the time we’ve visited with the family, clinked glasses with friends and caught up on all the dishes, getting into The Sweat Science for a class or private lesson can be nearly impossible.

 But as the New Year approached and everyone set their resolutions, we want to encourage you: no matter how long you’ve been away, getting back into it is so much easier than you can imagine.

 See, our bodies are equipped with something called muscle memory – a habit built over time that our body remembers physiologically. If you’ve ever been in a class at TSS, you’ve heard at least one instructor talk about building up muscle memory while we strategically repeat the movements of our jab, cross, hooks and uppercuts.

 That’s because the trainers know the lifelong benefits of muscle memory are powerful. And here’s why:



One study suggests that after consistently training muscles – even after a three-month hiatus from those strength training activities – those who had previously built up muscle would be able to return to their activities more easily, and see more muscle gain quicker. A lot quicker. So when you feel like maybe it’s been too long, trust your body. It already knows exactly what to do.



Building up muscle memory is a huge part of the success you’ll find at TSS. We don’t like to hear about people getting injured, but the fact is, we’ve seen many people come into our studio with previous injury because they haven’t been properly taught how to throw a punch. Relearning how to box is vital at this point.*


When you walk into a class or private lesson at TSS, you will first learn the proper technique. Then, you’re in charge of committing those lessons to memory: muscle memory. We want you to take the time to do this well because less injury means more progress and ultimately more personal success with your fitness goals.


Of course our coaches are here to help too, so ask us questions if you’re concerned about your technique.  



As we age, our body’s ability to gain and retain muscle becomes more and more difficult. However, studies show that by building muscle while we’re able, our body retains it as we age. This is a huge factor to living a long and healthy life, and has been proven to reduce health risks.


So before you look at coming back to the studio after the holidays as a big hurdle, we’re going to remind you one more time: thanks to muscle memory, your body already knows exactly what to do. So pack your wraps and a water bottle and book your class now. We can’t wait to see you here.


*If you feel you could brush up on your technique, we really want you to consider taking a private lesson with your favourite trainer. Your first session is only $45, and you can choose either 30-minute or 60-minute sessions at a time!