It’s pretty clear that we believe participating in sports isn’t just important, it’s vital. One year ago now we opened the doors to The Sweat Science, inviting anyone interested to learn how to box. But during the last year, something even better has happened: you created a team where everyone fits, everyone belongs, and everyone is challenged to being the very best version of themselves.  

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for so many people in our community, especially children.

Did you know that one in every three Canadian children can’t participate in organized sport because it’s too expensive? In 2014, CIBC commissioned a study which revealed parents spend an average of $953 per year to get involved in a sport.

That’s a big cost many Canadians can’t afford on their own, which is why we’re going to celebrate our birthday by giving back and starting a new class just for kids. (We’ll tell you all about it below!)

Other than the obvious physical activity benefits, here’s what happens when a child joins a sports team:


There are so many ways kids could spend their time. Being part of an organized sport, children make new friends and learn how to contribute to a team so everyone wins.


Growing up is hard to do!  But when a child finds a sport they enjoy, it naturally builds self-esteem and confidence. Sports challenge us to doing tough stuff, and when we accomplish those challenges, it builds us up and spills over into the rest of our life.  


In a technology age where so much of children’s time could be spent by themselves on iPads or smart phones, becoming part of a team engages kids in their very own experience sharing and celebrating culture.
“It helped me lose weight, it helped me gain confidence, and boosted my self-esteem,” Eldrine Soriano says, who has been supported by KidSport for 20 years. "It helped me control my aggression, and learn discipline."

We’re so excited to announce our first ever kids classes starting November 13th. The 10-week boxing program is tailored for kids ages 8 – 15 and will focus on boxing basics. Giving them a platform to develop their skill set in a fun and safe environment, they’ll learn balance, coordination, boxing technique and discipline. For more info or enrolment, contact us at  


We’re floored that becoming part of a team can make such a huge difference for one person, so we’re partnering with KidSport to celebrate our birthday, sport, and the power of a good team.


KidSport started back in 1993, and has helped remove financial barriers that would have otherwise kept over 530,000 kids from getting involved in organized sports. They confidentially provide financial support for registration fees and equipment costs, removing barriers that should never hold a kid back from getting in the game.

We would love for you to join us Friday November 10th for our first annual Punch Drunk Ball. We’re going big, celebrating our first birthday with the TSS troops, all while giving back to this charity we are so passionate about. Check out the invite below for all the information, because it simply won’t be a celebration without you.

So bring your wallet, and we’ll get your first drink. Let’s make it possible for more kids to find their very own troops where everyone fits, everyone belongs, and everyone is challenged to being the very best version of themselves.


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