Mike is an inspiration to boxing as he did not start to train until he was much older than his partners. He is proof that its never too late to begin fighting fit and fall in love with something new. Boxing gives Mike opportunity, honesty, and even a little bit of nerves. But overcoming obstacles is what its all about. Training with Mike is a continual journey of improvement, growth, and learning. You can get a lot accomplished in a short period of time as you build physical and mental strength. Hard work will always pay off when you sweat it out with Mike. 

"Fighting fit means embracing and its the best part about boxing. It means taking new strength you gain every time and applying that cumulative reservoir of character you have been building to the rest of your life."



Jenna will bring a sense of adventure to your class as you sweat more than you have before. This fighting fit champion never loses sight of her goals. Lucky for you one of them is challenging everyone at the studio to become the best version of themselves. Her positivity is contagious, as she aims to make you both mentally and physically stronger with each work out. Jenna believes boxing is the best way to sweat because it builds your core, relieves stress, and brings an undeniable sense of accomplishment. Come to fight your fitness goals with this girl and you will leave energized and ready to conquer.
"Fighting fit means to be mentally and physically healthy. The best version of yourself."



Don’t let the calm nature of Devin fool you. He takes the rawness of boxing and transforms it into a work out that will push you to the limits. Boxing for Devin is a sport where you need speed, stamina, and heart. The combination of these things makes it the ultimate test, but we know you are up to the challenge. Former professional boxer Bernard Hopkins challenges Devin to constantly keep fighting fit because he was a world champion at fifty and treated his body like a temple. This sort of stamina is exactly what Devin will inspire within you in each and every class.

"Fighting fit is when your body and mind is at its most capable capacity for anything that comes its way."


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Having grown up on the mean streets of Okotoks Alberta, Dustin Sutley is the perfect guy to face your fitness goals dead on. Consistent. Persistent. Stubborn. This coach will bring an undeniable rush and intensity to each and every work out at The Sweat Science. His experience in the ring is staggering, with boxing apprenticeships under some of the fittest athletes of the sport. Because of this, Dustin never loses motivation. He is constantly inspired and challenged by other athletes that are the epitome of fighting fit. Spending hours in the gym and watching training videos, this is one guy you can trust to be on his A game. When you are with Dustin, all cylinders will be firing. Be prepared to gain the confidence and tenacity to fight and conquer your own fitness goals. 

"Fighting fit means that you are physically and mentally prepared for anything. You are so well conditioned that you can now trust you training and free up brainpower to focus on your game plan."



This Calgary-born fitness fighter will help you find solace amidst chaos as you box your way to clarity; though don't let her calm and collected approach fool you. Mackenzie believes you need to fight for what you want, including your own fitness and motivation. To have to body and mind of a boxer you must work for it, and this is exactly what she does day in and day out. She uses boxing to push herself to her maximum effort. But all it takes is making that first move. Mackenzie’s passion is contagious and her athleticism is inspiring. Dedicate some time to her and your wont regret the fitness transformation you will see in your body and mind. 

"Fighting fit is exactly what is sounds like. It can’t be bought, faked, or an illusion. You need to fight your way to where you want to be. No excuses."

The Sweat Science Boxing is on CTV Calgary News

We were thrilled to open the doors of The Sweat Science Boxing Studio. Calgary has brought us tremendous support, and we are so grateful for our community. Our diverse members have joined together through learning the basics of boxing and a passion for fitness.

Our opening garnered enough of a buzz to attract CTV News to the studio to check us out. Dustin Sutley, The Sweat Science founder and coach, spoke to reporters about the contemporary concept of this company and his fighting history. You can check out the CTV video here!

We would love to have you visit The Sweat Science regardless of your experience and fitness level. Book a bag with us today!


The Sweat Science featured in The Calgary Herald

Calgarians know that winter can be a real drag. Between scraping snow off your car in -20 weather, dealing with unpredictable cold snaps, and trudging through icy blizzards, the winter months seem to last an eternity here in Cow Town. Fortunately, The Calgary Herald recently came to the rescue with their guide to "winterizing" yourself with a variety of activities - including recommending visiting the Sweat Science Boxing Studio!

According to the Calgary Herald:

Dustin Sutley knows a thing or two about throwing a punch; he knocked out his first four professional opponents. Now he’s applying his knowledge and experience to whipping Calgarians into shape. When it opens later this year, the Sweat Science, his modern take on an “Ali era” facility, will have two training areas: the heavy-bag studio, where the 30-person Hit-Fit classes will be held, and the Ringside Studio for smaller classes and private sessions.

In the meantime, why not beat the winter blues and warm up with our one our 50-min classes. Book your bag today.

The Sweat Science Calgary Boxing Studio

The Sweat Science featured in Avenue Magazine

Avenue Magazine was also intrigued by the thrill of the fight offered at The Sweat Science. We were recently included in their article which featured new fitness studios in Calgary.

Here's what they had to say about us:

Hook, jab, uppercut — you'll learn how to do it all at The Sweat Science, a 3,000-square-foot, non-contact boxing studio owned by a professional boxer that recently opened in Inglewood. The Sweat Science offers group classes set to music in its heavy bag studio with 30 custom-made bags, and smaller classes for six in its Ringside classroom, which features a 12-foot boxing ring, speed bags and other boxing equipment. Private training is also available.

We appreciate the shout out! Interested in giving us a try? Book a bag with us today.

Sweat Science Calgary Boxing Studio Avenue Magazine