Mike Smallwood

Mike Smallwood instructs the following:
  • Pads Class
  • Classroom: Ringside
    Duration: 45 min
    class size: 20

    Training on the focus mitts is the best way to develop your boxing reflexes, punching technique, defence technique and boxing strategy. Not only will you perfect your own technique by hitting the pads, but you will also be holding them for a partner. Advantages include realistic boxing drill movements, work on offensive, and defensive simultaneously, get use to moving around a live person, get helpful feedback from your trainer, and it's fun and challenging.


    ** This class is not for first timers, in order to attend the class you must have attended a boxing 101 class or HITFIT.

  • Classroom: Heavy-Bag Studio

    Duration: 45 min
    Class size: 24

    One of our badass coaches will guide you through a fierce 45 minute workout that promises to challenge. Elements included in this class are footwork drills, high intensity intervals, shadowboxing, plyometric movements, heavy bag drills, and core exercises.

  • Youth Boxing (ages 11+)
  • The Sweat Science now offers boxing classes exclusively designed for young boxers. These youth boxing classes are tailored for your child to develop an understanding of the boxing basics: balance, co-ordination, boxing technique, and discipline. We will be giving them a platform to develop and grow their skill set in a fun and safe environment. This is a non-contact class, and it will be led by two of our top professional boxing instructors with 10+ years experience.