Jenna Swan


"She who dares, wins!"

Jenna’s start in boxing was when she checked out a cardio kickboxing class and immediately fell in love with it. She noticed her strength and cardio levels changing for the better but felt that her technique was lacking, so she sought out instruction from Coach Dustin Sutley. It turned out that Jenna had a natural aptitude for boxing, and with some coaching, she quickly transformed into a light footed, hard hitting boxer! Watching Jenna smash the pads is a sight to behold. Her favourite punch is the rear hook because she loves the sound it makes when you land a punch with a perfect connection. She is absolutely right… we love that sound too! Jenna loves the way she feels after a killer workout, she was motivated to start coaching by the desire to be in a position to offer the same feeling to others, and to help people feel better about themselves. Expect a class full of great music, high energy, and accountability when you come to Jenna’s class… if you slack, she will notice! Everybody works hard, everybody feels great, everybody gets results! Jenna loves those jailhouse body weight workouts that give her clients the strong, lean, look that everybody loves. Come get some work in with Jenna and experience her energy and encouragement!
you will love the changes you notice in your body and in your spirit.