“Sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn” 

Cait is a globe-trotter and lifelong student. She has lived large to say the least, capitalizing on every experience that comes her way. This girl has done it all from working in a shark cage off a diving boat in South Africa to drinking snake whiskey on the streets of Cambodia. She worked hard to earn for Bachelor of Arts Degree in psychology from UBC, and even took courses abroad in the Netherlands. Currently she is working on her graduate degree in tactical criminal analysis from JIBC. Cait has a real thirst for knowledge and some day wishes to obtain a Master’s degree in criminology so that she can work up the ranks within the Calgary police service. Cait stumbled upon boxing by classic case of a broken-hearted life change. But instead of getting a new haircut or drowning her sorrows with vodka, she strapped on a pair of gloves and turned her frustration into power hooks. She ended up falling wholeheartedly in love with the sport in the process. Being part of a supportive and strong fitness community is important to Cait, and has a soft spot in her heart for every member. She did a lot of work for local studios before dipping her feet in the instructing pool. Every since she started coaching she hasn't been able to look back. She loves being able to share her lifestyle and knowledge with like-minded people so that they can learn and grow. Train with this fearless rebel and you are guaranteed to leave exhausted and inspired.